SDIMI 2013 Presentations

Monday 1 July, 2013

08:30-09:00:        Registration, Room: Lobby Area

09:00-09:15:        Welcome and Conference Opening, Room: A1

Chair(s): Zach Agioutantis and Michael Karmis

09:15-11:00: Keynote Session, Room: A1

Chair(s): Zach Agioutantis and Michael Karmis

Keynote Lectures by Spiliopoulou, M., Hodge, T., Vidalis, E., Faidros, E.

11:30-13:00:           Sustainability in Minerals Education A, Room: A1

Chair(s): Deborah Shields

  1. Mining and SD: implementation of undergraduate and graduate courses at four universities

van Zyl, D., T. Iannachioni, J. Craynon and E. Sarver

Laurence, D. and M. Hermanus

Jeffrey, K.

Aktsoglou, D., K. Angelakoglou and G. Gaidajis

Musiyarira, H., D. Tesh and G. Dzinomwa

11:30-13:00: Technological Developments A, Room: A2

Chair(s): Lee Daniels

  1. Deep zero-impact mines of the future – The European I2Mine-Project

Falck W.E. and H. Hejny

Dammers, M., C. Schropp, P.N. Martens, L. Rattmann and C. Robben

  • Some principles of expert systems for environment and mining

Rumenjak, D., D. Rajkovic and S. Stambuk

  • Evaluation of unfolding techniques for grade and resource estimation of tectonically deformed deposits

Kapageridis, I.K., K. Koios and N. Ioannidis

Bondarenko, V.

11:30-13:00: Social Contributions and Local Communities A, Room: B3

Chair(s): Fiona Haslam Mckenzie

  1. Beyond science and engineering: Tackling socio-environmental issues in the resources industry

Everingham, J., N. Collins, T. Baumgartl, S. Vink, D. Mulligan, W. Rifkin, D. Rodriguez and J. Cavaye

Baker, P.

Thorley, U.

Craynon, J.R., E.A. Sarver and M.E. Karmis

Alexiou, M., A. Katsiamboulas, J. Mastoris, C. Seretis and F. Tasoulas

14:00-15:45:           Capacity Building and Human Resources, Room: A1

Chair(s): David Laurence

  1. Wellbeing of fly-in/fly-out and drive-in/drive-out employees: Evidence from Australia

Tuck, J. and E.C. Temple

  • Involving stakeholders in a meaningful way in decision making on mine sites – The strategies of the EO-Miners research project

Falck, W.E. and J.H. Spangenberg

Alexiou, M., A. Kalogerakos, C. Caracostas and J. Mastoris

Vergoulis, P. and D. Damigos

Johnson, A.

Zu, B., Z. Li, Y. Zhao and C. Li

14:00-15:45: Technological Developments B, Room: A2

Chair(s): Christos Roumpos

  1. Development of a decision support instrument of mine-wide operations for Agnico Eagle Kittila mine

Song, Z., M. Rinne and A. van Wageningen

Langefeld, O. and M. Kellner

Lehnen, F., P.N. Martens and L. Rattmann

Michael, C., N. Arvanitidis, A. Iliadis, K. Papavasileiou and C. Christidis

  • Underground coal gasification: A case study on the Kozani lignite deposits

Koukouzas, N. and I. Katsimpardi

14:00-15:45: Health and Safety, and Risk Management, Room: B3

Chair(s): Bruce Hebblewhite

  1. Increasing site and community security through partnerships

Hendry, K.

Dragasakis, K., J. Mastoris, E. Shilegarska, A. Pophristova and M. Dimitrov

Kretschmann, J. and N. Nguyen

Tzeferis, P.G., C. Kavalopoulos and K. Komnitsas

N. Galitis, A. Dimitriou and Th. Vlachos

16:15-17:45:           Technological Developments C, Room: A1

Chair(s): Bern Klein

  1. Evaluation of micro-bubble flotation for treating ultra-fine particles and improvement by applying ultrasonic irradiation

Owada, S., E. Matsunaga and N. Kuroki

Reyes-Bozo, L., J.L. Salazar, H. Valdes-Gonzalez, E. Vyhmeister, A. Godoy-Faundez and R. Herrera-Urbina

Stamatakis, M., S. Poulos, A. Tsoutsia, N. Papavlassopoulou, A. Karditsa, M. Anastasatou, A. Velegrakis,

T. Hasiotis, V. Kapsimalis and G. Roussakis

Fytikas, M. and N. Andritsos

Samaras, P., V. Karayannis, X. Spiliotis, K. Ntampegliotis and G. Papapolymerou

16:15-17:45: Sustainable Mining Practices A, Room: A2

Chair(s): Dirk Van Zyl

  1. The importance of confining strata integrity in mining, coal seam gas extraction and geological storage of industrial waste (CO2 and nuclear): towards early detection indicators of potential groundwater contamination

Bouzalakos, S. and W.A. Timms

Daniels, W.L. and Z.W. Orndorff

Eerola, T.

Angelakoglou, K. and G. Gaidajis

Damigos, D., M. Menegaki and D. Kaliampakos

16:15-17:45: Social Contributions and Local Communities B, Room: B3

Chair(s): Phil Baker

  1. Industry diversification in remote Western Australia: Managing community expectations and planning for enduring value

Haslam McKenzie, F.

Kolovos C.J.

  • Supporting mining community development through economic diversification: The adoption of Enterprise Facilitation (EF)TM in Cobar, Australia

McFaul, S., N. Mafu and A.M. Xavier

Ziessler, S., T. Eerola and M. Tuusjarvi

  • Socio-economic mine closure (SEMC) guideline: A management tool for addressing the social and economic challenges of mine closure and to contribute to community sustainable development Xavier, A.M., M.M. Veiga and D. van Zyl
  • The economic impact of mining activity on Milos Island

Tserkezis, L. and A. Tsakanikas

TUESDAY 2 July, 2013

09:00-10:30:        SNAP-SEE, Room: A1

Chair(s): Gian Andrea Blengini

  1. Data and methodologies for a resource-efficient planning of primary and secondary aggregates in South East Europe (SEE) countries

Blengini, G.A., A. Moltrer, M. Valbusa, K. Komnitsas, Z. Agioutantis and E. Garbarino

Hatzilazaridou, K., F. Chalkiopoulou and D. Shields

Komnitsas, K., Z. Agioutantis, D. Shields, G.A. Blengini and P.G. Tzeferis

Tiess, G. and D.J. Shields

Dolinar, U. and Z. Kozinc

Chalkiopoulou, F., K. Hatzilazaridou, N. Arvanitidis, P.G. Tzeferis, K. Alexiou and G. Tiess

09:00-10:30: Environmental Conservation and Climate Change B, Room: A2

Chair(s): John Craynon

  1. Mining and climate change mitigation via the Clean Development Mechanism

Taplin, R., M. Blommerde, N. Uddin and D. Laurence

Shtiza, A., R. Doome and M. Wyart

Vamvuka, D., M. Galetakis and C. Roumpos

Assimakopoulos, K.

Papanikolaou, I. G. Iatrou, M. Panitsa, N. Papageorgiou and A. Katsiamboulas

09:00-10:30: Technological Developments D, Room: B3

Chair(s): George Gaidajis

  1. Triboelectric belt separator for beneficiation of fine minerals

Bittner, J.D., S.A. Gasiorowski, F.J. Hrach, L.A. Canellopoulos and H. Guicherd

  • Mineralogical composition of the Olympias tailings in NE Chalkidiki, N. Greece

Zaimis, S., M. Vavelidis, V. Melfos, N. Kantiranis, D. Alifragkis and M. Daftsis

  • Assessment of environmental impact of surface mining equipment

Lashgari, A. and V. Kecojevic

Zouboulis, A., E. Pantazopoulou, O. Zebiliadou, F. Noli, M. Mitrakas and P. Samaras

Valgma, I., M. Kolats, A. Anepaio, V. Vaizene, M. Saarnak and J.-R. Pastarus

11:00-12:30:           WFEO Technical Presentations, Room: A1

Chair(s): Nikhil Trivedi

  1. WFEO-CEE Task Group on Sustainability and Mining

Trivedi, N.

Botin, J.A. (presented by D. Shields)

van Zyl, D., M. Chanda and J. Brune

Kojo, I.V., M.A. Reuter and K. Heiskanen

Z. Li, G. Lyu, T. Li, Y. Zhao and C. Li

  • WFEO Thematic Area 3 – Best practices in Eco-efficient use of resources

Moran, C.

14:00-15:30:           Alternative Perspectives on Mining and Sustainable Development, Room: A1

Chair(s): John Hayden

Panel Participants: Danyluk, D., Kogel, J., Karmis, M.

14:00-15:30: Sustainable Energy and Land Use, Room: A2

Chair(s): Oliver Langefeld

  1. The energy transition in Germany – Coping with the third industrial revolution

Zwinge M.

Leonardos. M.

  • Application of an indicators-based tool for the evaluation of alternatives for sustainable mining/mineral processing operations in NATURA 2000 and other protected areas

Marnika, E. and E. Christodoulou and A. Xenidis

Karu, V., J. Gulevits, T. Rahe, R. Roots, R. Iskul and A. Polder

Argyriou, A., A. Adam, D. Papakonstantinou and K. Cassios

14:00-15:30: Environmental Conservation and Climate Change A, Room: B3

Chair(s): Nikos Arvanitidis

  1. The suitability for rehabilitation and the resistance to grazing of 11 plant-species in bentonite deposits in Milos Island

Brofas G., G. Mantakas, C. Varelides, G. Petrakis

Alifragkis, D., H. Voulgaridou, M. Voulgaropoulou, M. Vavelidis, M. Orfanoudakis, E. Gazea, A. Galatsianou and M. Alifragki

Orfanoudakis, M., M. Alifragi and A. Pavlatou-Ve

Brofas, G., G. Mantakas, C. Varelides and C. Mermiris

Giouli, G., K. Machtis and A. Sokratidou

16:00-17:30:  Posters, Room: Poster Area

  1. Greek national policy for the exploitation of mineral resources

Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (YPEKA)

  • Innovative approaches to extend the life of surface mining operations

Siefert, M., G. Jandl, H. Wagner and H. Blaha

  • Sustainable energy planning of Greek Islands

Agioutanti, E. and T.D. Tsoutsos

  • Improving the health protection of high north miners

Skandfer, M., L.V. Talykova, T. Brenn, T. Nilsson and A. Vaktskjold

  • Surface water and groundwater management in West Macedonia Lignite Center

Andreadou, S., F. Pavloudakis, C. Sachanidis and S. Tsouflidou

  • Assessing the environmental footprint of selected industrial minerals by means of life cycle inventory analysis: A sectoral study

Shtiza, A., R. Doome and M. Wyart

  • Steps forward aesthetic reclamation of mine “Rallaki” in Milos Island

Balomenou, P., M. Lambrou, C. Cassios and S.G. Alonso

  • Conventional flotation to recovery carbon matter from coal tailings

Gonzalez Davilla, G.B. and I.A. Schadach de Brum

Tzintzos, S.

  1. Upgrading mining waste to develop added value final products

Aggelatou, V., E.I.P. Drosos, Th. Zampetakis, A. Meidani, S. Dambitzias and N. Arvanitidis

  1. Stoicism project and sustainable development in industrial minerals

Jouffret, F., D. Moseley, M. Baricot, A. Coe, P. Chauhan and S. Moradi

  1. Setting the Standard for CCUS

Carpenter, S.M.

  1. Sustainable Mining Approach to Sangan Iron Ore Mines Project

Kretschmann, J., R. Amiri and F. Rashidinejad

  1. Material Flow Analysis and Sustainability Evaluation on resource management in Korea

Kim, Y.

16:00-17:30: Sustainable Mining Practices C, Room: A1

Chair(s): Vlad Kecojevic

  1. Underground limestone mines – Case histories of sustainable industrial, research and commercial use

Newman, D.

  • A quest for sustainability: Environmental and social aspects of mining design in Chalkidiki, Greece

Papagrigoriou, S., Y. Katselis and G. Tentes

Steiakakis, C., Z. Agioutantis, P. Schilizzi, E. Papakosta, A. Tsalidis and G. Pagonis

Roumpos, C. and E. Papacosta

Sakamornsnguan, K., T. Katz, P.N. Martens and J. Kretschmann

16:00-17:30: Sustainability in Minerals Education B, Room: A2

Chair(s): Ingo Valgma

  1. Integration of safety and risk management into the University of Utah’s mining engineering curriculum

Nelson, M.G. and T.A. Hethmon

Wright, M.A.

  • Filling the gaps in sustainability management by characterising co-accountability networks

Kunz, N.C., C.J. Moran and T. Kastelle

WEDNESDAY 3 July, 2013

09:00-10:50:        Sustainable Mining Practices B, Room: A1

Chair(s): David Newman

  1. Multi-scaled, mixed-method research: An approach to understanding complex local and regional socio- economic effects of global mining operations in regional Australia

Hoath, A. and F. Haslam McKenzie

Kolovos, C.J.

Zanbak, C.

Kamenopoulos, S.N. and Z. Agioutantis

Mastoris, J., K. Dragasakis, L. Clark and K. Folsom

Martens, P.N., T. Katz, I. Oezdemir, A. Foerster and M. Fuchsschwanz

09:00-10:50: Technological Developments E, Room: A2

Chair(s): Michael Stefanakis

  1. GIS-based mineral resources maps – A valuable exploration tool for discovering potential ore deposits in Greece

Arvanitidis, N.D., C. Michael, C. Christidis, D. Cassard, G. Bertrand, G. Perantonis, D. Ballas, V. Bakalis, G. Gaal and J. Kaija

Adam, A., A. Liakopoulos and Α. Xenidis

Fournari, R., D. Vatyliotis and I. Ioannou

Arvanitidis, N.D., C. Michael, C. Christidis, P. Weihed, G. Gaal, J.J. Royer, G. Perantonis, V. Bakalis and D. Ballas

Orru, M., H. Milvek, A. Anepaio, S. Vendla and I. Valgma

  • Prediction of iron ore mine closure causes under uncertainty condition, using Vikor technique

Minaei Mobtaker, M. and M. Osanloo

09:00-10:50: Sustainability Reporting, Room: B3

Chair(s): Thomas Androulakis

  1. Sustainability: Is the GRI enough?

Mangos, N.

Danoucaras, A.N., A. Woodley and S. Vink

Yilmaz, M.

Alexiou, M., J. Mastoris, C. Seretis and F. Tasoulas

Leong, S., R. Taplin, W. Timms, D. Laurence and J. Hazleton

Voulgari D.

11:15-12:00:           Conference Closing, Room: A1

Chair(s): Michael Karmis, Dirk Van Zyl, Deborah Shields