Meeting the development needs of the world’s growing population without depriving future generations of the means to meet their own needs, better known as Sustainable Development is the key challenge facing the minerals and mining industry. At present a special focus of public perception is placed on environmental and social consequences of mining. Growing environmental and social concerns, supply chain procurement standards as well as public pressure and regulatory measures will profoundly shape the global mining business in the near future. In order to cope with these challenges the mining and minerals companies are forced to integrate sustainable development as well as stakeholders’ participation into their business strategies and policies. Up to now there are on-going discussions and projects on the development of sustainability indicators however these different efforts haven’t resulted into a common agreement yet.

The objective of this forum is to assist the mining and minerals industries in their global transition to sustainable development. The plan should represent a variety of stakeholders, which can provide audience to the minerals community on the path to sustainable development.

Topics of Interest

  • Reporting strategies
  • Socio-economic indicators
  • Environmental indicators
  • Technical and operational indicators
  • Cases from mining and other industries
  • Different political approaches in global context
  • Multinational views and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Examples of sustainable development practices in mining
  • Certification or auditing of indicators
  • Site and sector specific indicators (metal, minerals, coal and energy)
  • Data quality in terms of aggregation, availability, transparency and addressee